Apples + apricots 
Apple, Banana + Cherry 
Black bean cakes 
Braised Beef + potatoes* 
Butternut squash 
Butternut squash + apples 
Butternut squash + corn 
Fruit Compote 
Lamb, potato + apricots* 
Pear + Avocado 
Pear, Banana + Kiwi 
Potato, leek + peas 
Red lentils 
Risotto cakes* 
Sweet Potato 
Sweet potato, banana + apple 
Sweet potato, banana + carrots 
Sweet potato + Rutabaga 
Vegetable Medley


BBQ Lentils 
Beef + Pasta 
Beef Stew 
Braised Chicken 
Broccoli Casserole 
Breakfast Burritos 
Chicken + Pasta 
Chicken Balls 
Chicken Enchiladas 
Chicken Tenders 
Chicken + Wild Rice with vegetables 
Greek meatballs 
Kids Burgers 
Mac & Cheese with Butternut Squash 
Marinara Sauce 
Portobello Risotto 
Ratatouille + Rice 
Salmon Fish Cakes 
Sesame Ginger 
Shepherd’s Pie (with ground beef or lamb) Spinach Casserole 
Teriyaki Turkey dogs 
Tilapia Fish Cakes 
Turkey Burgers 
Turkey Meatloaf 
Turkey, Sage, Sundried Tomato meatballs
White bean + Kale Gratin 
White turkey chili

All the above items are a sample of what can be prepared. If you have a favorite recipe, we will be happy to prepare it for your child/ren.