A personal chef for your child

Welcome to Evie’s Organic Edibles, where every meal is cooked by hand – using only the freshest and most delicious organic and natural ingredients.

As New York City’s only personal chef for infants and toddlers, Evie Failla has mastered the art of cooking nutritious and delicious meals for children aged 6 months to 8 years. Let Evie take the stress out of feeding your child.

Evie’s infant purées introduce your baby to the amazing range of textures and tastes found in nature’s most nutritious foods. Unlike traditional baby-food, Evie’s gentle cooking, packaging and freezing process locks in flavor and nutrients and begins to train your child’s palate for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Evie’s toddler meals offer what health-conscious parents have been searching for: convenient, wholesome, home-made favorites without the fats, salt, sugars, colorings, cheap ingredients and chemicals of mass-produced food brands.

And Evie is constantly finding new ways to pack vegetables and protein into every dish – so you can feel confident your child is getting a complete, healthy meal every evening.