“Evie Failla’s food prep services have been indispensable. My son has had feeding and allergy issues for a number of years, and I contacted Evie to help expand the variety of his food choices. She is always filled with new ideas, and if she wants to expand the selections even more, she will research recipes or tailor her own recipes to meet my son’s needs. I completely trust that she will keep all allergens out of his foods, and she always provides the ingredients so that I can review a new recipe. Beyond her professionalism, Evie is always upbeat and is always checking in to see how my son is progressing medically. That personal touch truly makes Evie Failla stand out among the ‘personal chefs’ for infants and young children.”

– Jackie, New Jersey

“As a mother of four, it is extremely difficult to find the time to offer my children healthy, tasty, meals on a daily basis. I was struggling daily to keep up and would find myself resorting to a handful of basics. I was lucky enough to learn about Evie and it literally changed my life. She delivers pre-portioned fabulous meals that “cover all the bases” for my family. And, as a complete bonus, it takes about 15 minutes to prepare and even less than that to clean up! I am extremely grateful to Evie and am so thankful for having her in my life. She truly allows me to be the mother I want to be.”

“When we were living in NYC, my husband and I ordered food in almost every night ~ but I still wanted my daughter to have healthy, homemade meals. Since my daughter was a baby, she’s been enjoying Evie’s organic purees and now she enjoys her freshly made, homemade meals. They’re convenient, easy to reheat, a life and time saver! Now that we’ve moved to the suburbs, I learned we can’t live without it and we have the food shipped to our house.”

– K. Ric