How we do it

Evie’s Organic Edibles In-Home Cooking Service will prepare meals for child/ren that have been specifically tailored to meet their nutritional needs, satisfy their taste buds and provide them with enough food in each package so there is little to no waste.

If your child (or someone you know) has food sensitivities, allergies or health issues, let me provide you with a variety of food options that will make your meal planning easier. I have had extensive experience cooking for children whose issues range from gluten, wheat, egg, dairy and soy allergies to medical issues where the child has had difficulty swallowing. Details of your child’s needs are discussed in advance, meals are planned and with your stamp of approval, the shopping and cooking are done with great care to assure that you and your child have a pleasant experience during mealtimes.

If creativity, time and energy escape you when it comes to preparing meals for your children, Evie’s Organic Edibles can provide you with more time to spend with your children and worry less about “what’s for dinner” by stocking your freezer with meals that are ready to reheat in minutes-literally. I will do all the shopping, cooking and packaging. All you have to do is make room in your freezer!

Every meal is packaged in a vacuum sealed bag and flash-frozen, delivered to your door*.

I charge an hourly rate + the cost of groceries to prepare homemade meals for your children. See our MENU for meal options** and call or email us for more information. We will be happy to assist you in making choices that will suit your family.

We look forward to helping you provide your children healthy, organic meals!

Contact us at: 1-888-571-9936