How Long Is Chili Good For? – Tips To Always Have Quality Ingredients At Hand!

In the hustle and bustle of the day, you might be tempted to cook chili in a large amount for later use. But what if you cook too much? Should the chili be refrigerated or frozen, or is it okay to leave it on the counter? 

In the guide below, we will address the question “how long is chili good for?“. We will also share tips and advice on how to tell if your chili is bad, what are the right methods to store your chili and how to grow your own chili. 

I hope that the Aerogarden reviews are of great help also, especially to gourmets and spicy food enthusiasts who are looking for ways to grow homemade peppers. 

Read on!  

How To Tell If Your Chili Is Spoiled? 

How to tell if your chili is spoiled

Just like how you realize your leftover is spoiled – by the smell and look. 

It gives off a fizzy, rancid flavor or odor

This is certainly not the most pleasant way to tell if the chili has gone bad, but probably the most straightforward and accurate method. All you have to do is simply give it a sniff. If it smells pungent, it’s better for you not to risk your stomach. 

There’s visible mold

Though it’s not pretty to look at, mold is surely the sign indicating clearly whether your chili has gone bad or not. If mold appears, the chili, in no cases, should not be consumed. 

The chili’s color looks off

If the chili has gone pale or developed a weird color, it’s time to say goodbye.

The container is not in former shape

Providing that you see any sign of distortion in the container of the chili such as leaking or rusting, 90 percent that chili of yours is also no longer good or safe for use. 

How Long Is Chili Good For?

How long does chili usually last? – You may wonder. The answer rather depends on where you store your chili and several other factors. 

When kept outside, the chili can only last for up to two hours. Keeping at room temperature will quicken the bacteria growth which is the main culprit in rotten chili. 

On the other hand, the chili is able to stay good for three to four days in the refrigerator as long as you know how to preserve it correctly. Since low temperature slows down the fermentation process, this allows the chili to retain its flavors and textures longer as well.

As for those with the freezer at home, the good news is that you can extend the lifespan of the chili to up to six months. 

What is more, you should also know that meat-based chili tends to last from two to three days while chili consisting of beans may endure for a maximum of five days. Also, preserving the chili with airtight containers can help the chili stay fresh for one or two days longer than other traditional packages. 

Tips To Keep Your Chilli Last Longer

Here’s everything you need to know to store your chili for maximum lifespan:

a. Ensure proper cooking

At room temperature, bacteria develop rapidly between 40°F and 140°F; therefore, cooked chili, once left outside for more than 120 minutes, should be dumped immediately. 

In order to get rid of any bacteria (mainly E.coli)  that might potentially be present in your chili, you need to cook the mixture for a long period of time until it reaches at least 160 °F. 

b. Be careful with your ingredients

It is of utmost importance for you to be aware of how ingredients of your chili dish might affect the lifespan of the chili. Chili that contains meat is more vulnerable to bacteria formation, thus more likely to get musty and stale than bean-based chili. 

Apart from that, one not less critical factor you need to pay attention to is the spicy level of your original ingredients. Hot peppers after being put in the fridge tend to become even hotter. 

c. Pick the right containers

To increase the shelf life of your chili, cover it in airtight containers such as plastic ziplock bags or sealed cans or bottles on the ground that any exposure to the air after the 2 hours cooldown can spur bacterial growth.  

d. Take advantage of your freezer

You go shopping and cook only once a week due to a busy schedule, hence, you are in desperate need of an excellent storage method? Rest assured, the freezer is here to help. You can preserve your chili up to six months and it is still as good as new after that period. It is recommended that your chili be frozen in heavy-duty freezer bags for optimum quality. 

How To Grow Peppers In Aerogarden? 

It would be great to know how to store chili properly. But it would be even greater if you can grow your chili right at home and then store the freshest ones! 

Are you interested in finding how to grow peppers yourself? If the answer is yes, then how do you feel about an indoor, mess-free, fast-growing garden? 

Sounds too good to be true right? 

Lucky you,  Aerogarden is here to make the impossible possible. 

In the following passage, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of how to grow peppers in Aerogarden. 

A model of Aerogarden

a. Set up your seed pods

First of all, you have to decide which type of chili you want to plant. Next, search for whether that chili seed pods are available for purchase. If the buying option turns out impractical, you are down to two alternatives – reusing old pods or making them on your own. 

b. Place the pods in your Aerograrden 

In this stage, remember to leave some space among pepper plants as this enables them to develop fully-fledged. At the same time, you can utilize the free slot for other small plants such as basil as well. 

Before you leave and wait for the seeds to sprout, pour water and nutrients into your AeroGarden bowl. When your seedlings reach the domes, remove the domes. 

c. Carry out frequent pruning 

Pruning has a deciding effect on your yield. If there are too many excess branches, flowers grown on the trees will have a slim chance of receiving the light it needs to produce fruitful output. 

d. Pollinate Aerogarden peppers

Option 1: Shaking the plants to make pollen fall from the male flowers to the female ones (least effective)

Option 2: Using a small, low capacity fan for the same purpose as mentioned in previous methods (more effective than option 1  )

Option 3: Using a cotton swab to tap onto the male flowers and retouch the female parts (most effective)

e. Harvest your crop

Growing chili in Aerogarden takes you from 3 to 4 weeks to collect the final results. However, you should note that hot peppers do differ, ripening after around five months of being planted. 


There goes our insights on the chili plant. Does the question “how long is chili good for”  still baffle you? 

Armed with all the knowledge above, hopefully, you will be able to apply those rules to maximize the life and freshness of your food. 

Do you have any other storing tips that you would like to share with me? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to share this article with those who may need it. Sharing is caring, everyone!

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